Department of Laboratory Technology
Department of Laboratory Technology

I welcome you on behalf of the School of Physical Sciences and staff of the UCC’s Department of Laboratory Technology. The Department offers a program that leads to the award of the BSc Laboratory Technology. The program provides a comprehensive education in both theoretical and practical aspects of laboratory design, management and administration. The courses run in the department are designed to cover activities in any laboratory, be it industrial, research institutions, schools, mines and hospitals.

Our academic program in Laboratory Technology aims to provide our students with a firm foundation in the field of laboratory management and prepares them to become effective laboratory management professionals. The Department is dedicated to quality education and research, our graduates are highly recruited within educational and research institutions, government agencies, and private industry. You can also find detailed information about all of our degree options, courses, faculty and research throughout this website. To prospective scholars and students, we welcome you to be part of our challenging and exciting environment in your quest to seek an opportunity to develop yourself into competent laboratory technology scientist.

I hope you consider joining us. I would encourage you to spend time to navigate our webpage. To all our dear students, we in the Laboratory Technology Department look forward in making your UCC Education a success.

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The Laboratory Technician Diploma course started in the Faculty of Science in 1972 with the primary objective of producing trained personnel for the science laboratories in the second cycle institutions and training colleges in the country. However, some of the products of the course who gained employment in educational institutions were also made to teach science subjects, while others found their way into industry and research institutes.

In view of the interest shown in the course by various stakeholders, the Faculty of Science in 1998 decided that the diploma course should be reviewed with the aim of upgrading it to a degree programme. A committee was set up and tasked to prepare a comprehensive curriculum for training leading to a B.Sc. degree in laboratory technology. The Academic Board of the University of Cape Coast approved the programme in the year 2000 to commence in the 2002/2003 academic year.


The Department of Laboratory technology is resolved to become a training centre for the production of highly qualified Laboratory Technologists. Therefore, our programmes are designed to meet the demands of the nation as it progresses towards a developed society with modern hospitals, industries and research/educational institutions.

i. To train high caliber laboratory technologists to manage laboratories of educational institutions, industries and research establishments in line with objectives of the current educational reforms,
ii. To produce graduates with technical skills who with further training could function as teachers in technical education.

This programme is bound to equip the laboratory technologists:

i. to perform test and evaluate test results, develop and modify procedures and establish and monitor programmes to ensure the accuracy of tests under little supervision,

ii. to develop research and computer skill with innovative ideas in new type of tests and offering creative solutions to problems while working within ethical and legal framework,

iii. develop the attitude for good analytical judgement,

iv. within an internship programme.